• BRED WINS! “Best in Category” 2013 FPO Awards
  •  experimentation_currency_redesign_four


    Letterpressed US Currency Redesign
    This self-initiated project was inspired by W. A. Dwiggins’ 1932 proposal Towards a Reform of the Paper Currency, Particularly in Point of Its Design. This experimental investigation was also created to showcase and promote a new type family recently designed by our studio – Ludd.


    Approach and Solution
    I wanted to try and retain the spirit of the current US bills while contrasting the more iconic elements with a humorous look at American history and its myths. Formally I was reacting to the conservative nature and blandness of our bills, trying to develop a more dynamic composition and impression without losing the narratives.


    Design Credit
    Ned Drew of BRED


    Production Credits
    8 specialty and PMS spot colors printed on a Vandercook, Universal III press.


    A series of three bills, 3 x 6, Front/Back