Drew’s ABCs Wins HOW 2019 International Design Award

Drew’s ABCs, was chosen as one of 226 award-winning designs in the most recent HOW International Design Awards. This prestigious competition sponsored by HOW magazine recognizes excellence on a global scale—and every year honors entries from all over the world. Each year, the International Design Awards receive stunning works, and the Merit Award winners are demonstrating design at a very high level.

HOW’s editorial and design team—along with judges Zipeng Zhu, Giorgia Lupi, Jessie Kuhn, and Gemma O’Brien —evaluated more than 1,100 entries and selected winning projects that will gain international exposure in the HOW + Print book The Best of Design (Summer 2019), and online at https://www.howdesign.com/international-design-awards-winners-2019-editorial/

NewsBrenda McManus