ABOUT Trianimals

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  For us, design is our life, a process within a journey. We fully embrace our process and allow it to lead us to exciting places. A simple doodle of a triangle coupled with a late night conversation about the design grew into the illustration development of a series of whimsical animals. For us it was a natural progression to envision the translation of these illustrations into the letterpress process.

The overall concept and design of this project revolves around our dedication to the foundations of design. Basic design principles, such as color, shape, abstraction and layering are at the core of this initiative. Inspired by the Tangram, a Chinese puzzle consisting of seven shapes, we developed a printing system based on a single unit, a one-inch right triangle. Like building blocks, we set out to create a series of simplified illustrations that were comprised of this single unit, the triangle.


The making of trianimals

All prints are 14x17, six to eight colors, printed on a Vandercook Universal III press. Limited edition of 50 per animal. Contact for availability and pricing.


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